Are the school days wonderful

Are the school days wonderful

School days are wonderful! Do you think so? What memories do you have about the school? Do you miss it or not?

So I still remember how the teachers told us “you’re going to finish school and will be bored afterwards, but you will not be able to return your school years”. Girls did not want to wear a school uniform, and again “and then you will miss the uniform, you will want to dress, but it will be too late.” And all that sort of thing. Teachers wanted us to appreciate the school years, and that the memories remained only light.

And you know, and indeed the truth is somehow sad when you realize that you are already an adult, and the school years have long ago been left behind. When I was still in college and at the institute, I was not bored at all, studying did not let me get bored, but now I remembered the school.

One of these days, a former classmate came to see me with the children, we sat so well together. We remembered how we behaved at lessons and swings, how we argued and joked. And now we all have our own lives. I find it very pleasant to meet my classmates, although it happens rarely. Six months ago, the meeting was very good and fun. But every year they are less and less.

How often do you remember your school days and years? What memories do you have?


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